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The efficacy of sensual meditation

It has been twenty six years since I started sensual meditation.
After two years, A small light appeared in the center of my brain. It's white, sparkling light.

Such a light came into sight when I did the first step meditation, AOM or breath meditation. At first, it was a tiny light like a sesame seed and grew larger gradually. It became watermelon seed size for four or five years, almond size for seven or eight years and then got bigger in watermelon size for fifteen years and the color changed into gold.

The light was finally beginning to take shape of a human and to spread throughout my body. I feel it especially at the center of my forehead. Then it spreads from my whole brain to my whole body.
Now I can get in the condition easily just doing breath meditation once or twice. I feel very comfortable.

Moreover, same gold light can be seen when I do humming meditation like AOM. Sounds and colors has began to sympathize each other.
My whole body is deep in pleasure having the feel of melting , floating in air and feeling light especially by doing the fifth step meditation or mutual eroticization.

I feel peace in mind and body and enjoy pleasure and sex. Sensual meditation has powerful efficacy in every respect.

52 ans - Japon
raëlien depuis 22 ans


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